Court denies motion to upend decision favorable to GLLLP client

For the second time this year, a Brooklyn, New York State Court Judge has affirmed the propriety of a complex derivative action filed by GLLLP on behalf of is client Raycom Program Ventures, Inc., one of the nation’s largest media companies. On July 30, 2018, New York State Supreme Court Justice Leon Ruchelsman denied the defendant’s motion to dismiss the Raycom complaint. On November 20, 2018, Justice Ruchelsman denied without exception the defendant’s motion for reargument. Justice Ruchelsman, construing California law, Delaware law, and federal law on derivative action procedure, made very clear that GLLLP client Raycom had asserted a legally sufficient claim. The Court went on to reject as “absurd” and without authority the remaining arguments that the defendant used to try to persuade the Court to overturn its July 30 Order. In short, GLLLP’s position was sustained, the defendant’s position was rejected, and the case will now proceed to the discovery phase. The case is Raycom Program Ventures, Inc. v. Reliable Fast Cash, LLC, et al., Kings Co. Index No. 501246/2018.

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