GLLLP again defeats federal court former employee claim; this time the Court says, “no more amendments”

In a powerful decision ending, once and for all, a lawsuit brought by two former employees against GLLLP client X2 Biosytems, Chief United States District Judge for the Western District of Washington Ricardo S. Martinez granted GLLLP’s motion to dismiss Plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint by Order and Judgment dated January 25, 2019. Further, anticipating that Plaintiffs might seek a fourth swing after three whiffs, Judge Martinez enjoined Plaintiffs from amending their Second Amended Complaint, sparing X2 the need to make another motion to dismiss. Indeed, the Judgment makes clear that the case is now closed. This is the second time GLLLP has succeeded in knocking out Plaintiffs’ claims in Linden v. X2 Biosystems, Inc., Case No C17-966 (RSM) (W.D. Washington). After their initial Complaint was dismissed in May 2018, Plaintiffs filed an amended complaint and then amended that complaint. On this most recent motion, Judge Martinez appropriately observed that even though Plaintiffs’ complaint kept getting longer and longer each time it was amended, the defects that GLLLP highlighted were never remedied.

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