New Jersey Court confirms arbitration award in favor of GLLLP real estate client

On August 31, 2018, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Dennis O’Brien announced from the bench that he was confirming an arbitration award of $1.1 million in favor of GLLLP client Rothkut Realty, LLC and denying the cross-motion by the arbitration Respondents to vacate this award. By the same Order, Judge O’Brien confirmed the dismissal of each and every counterclaim asserted by the arbitration respondents against Rothkut. Judge O’Brien’s ruling marks the end of a 4-year battle that began in New Jersey Superior Court over the development and management of a high-end suburban subdivision in Monmouth County, New Jersey, and then shifted to arbitration. GLLLP worked closely with local New Jersey counsel and a forensic accountant throughout the proceedings. GLLLP founder and managing partner Michael R. Gordon conducted the examinations at the hearings, which stretched from December 2017 into January 2018, and handled the briefing and oral argument on the motion to confirm and cross-motion to vacate.

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