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The GordonLaw LLP Advantage

Founded by Michael Gordon, our firm offers clients a range of integrated capabilities, specializing in construction and business law.  We can provide quality counsel and transactional advice, identifying and resolving legal issues and providing large firm quality representation with small firm flexible fee arrangements and personal attention.

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Business Consulting
  • Employment Litigation
  • General Counsel
  • Business Law

30+ years



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Our attorneys work hard to keep
disagreements from becoming litigation.
Our attorneys have an extensive
breadth and depth of experience.
Clients don’t have to worry about
the uncertainties of hourly billing.


Advice on a Full Range of
Litigation, Business Law,
and Personal Legal Matters

Choosing a lawyer can be stressful, usually because of the prospect of uncontrolled legal fees.  We want to help eliminate that stress.