Outside General Counsel Services

Good advice when you need it.

For many companies, entrepreneurs and individuals, it is not feasible or economical to employ a full-time in-house lawyer or legal adviser.  In those cases, GordonLaw LLP, with its professionals’ breadth and depth of experience, can provide quality counsel and transactional advice, identifying and resolving legal issues and providing large firm quality representation with small firm flexible fee arrangements and personal attention.  GLLLP can serve as your outside general counsel, getting to know you, your business, your people, and your customers or clients on our dime, before issues arise that require our involvement.  That way, when we sit down to plan out proactive steps you can take to keep your business sailing in smooth legal waters, and when you need to call us with an urgent  or pressing matter that requires our immediate involvement, we already know who you are, what makes your business tick, and how you like to work.  That knowledge and understanding enables us to dive into the issues right away, without the need for wasteful “getting up to speed” preliminaries.  Given the decades of combined experience we have in almost every area of business law, there’s not much we haven’t seen, and there are few problems we haven’t encountered.  And because we offer a wide array of flexible billing options, we can work with you to find a mutually agreeable approach that is predictable and meets your budgetary and cash flow requirements.